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In keeping with the park theme of naming various trails after local animals, I've called this trail, the "Badger."  It's the most technical ... and certainly the most fun.   

 This trail starts at the top of the valley and descends 75 metres to Start/FInish area..    

The video to the right is a 1k section of the 12.5km loop.  This trail starts at the top of the valley and descends 60 metres to the campground below.  There is a quick turn at the 3k mark which sends you right back up to the top of the valley.   

As you can see the ground cover is quite thick right now.  It's been quite the challenge keeping some parts of the trail clear.  There are sections that have become completely overgrown with the rain in the last few weeks.  

For those of you who have done the Pasqua Lake Trail Challenge in the past, the 1/2km of trail down through the coulee is brand new this year.  This is a really nice section ... Lots of twists and turns, and up-and-down stuff just in case you think you can just bolt down the hill.