Leave Nothing But Footprints

  • Don't litter ... period.   It’s so easy to leave gel packets and energy bar wrappers, but don’t do it. Litter damages the environment and ruins the experience for other people. Along with it just being unpleasant to see trash and waste littering the trails, it can also ingested by animals.  
  • If that's not enough, anyone caught littering on the trails will face an immediate and permanent disqualification.

Be Aware

  • This is very important. Knowing what is going on around you and adjusting appropriately is not only good etiquette, but is also your best protection against injury.  There are fallen trees to duck under, and logs and rocks to jump over.  There are roots and stumps to trip over.  Some sections may be slippery when wet.  Please note:  the park is not closed to the public during the race so be aware there may be other hikers, runners, bikers or horse-riders around.  It is incumbent on you to look out for others and respect their right to enjoy the park as well.
  • Even though mountain bikers should yield to everyone they come upon on a trail this is often not the case.  If you pay attention to your surroundings, you’ll see or hear them coming and can either move out of the way or give the bikers a chance to pull over and let you pass.

Stay On The Trail

  • The trail is well marked.  Following posted signs and arrows will keep you on course, and run the shortest distance.  
  • In order to preserve the integrity of the trail system you need to stay on the trail. When you go off trail, you can destroy the habitat.
  • Additionally there are some plants like Stinging Nettle and Poison Ivy that some people may react to.  Staying on the trails will prevent you from being exposed to such toxic foliage.

Stay To The Right And Pass On The Left

  • Please yield right of way to faster racers.  Much of the race is on single track track trails.  Ideally you should stay to the right, and announce your presence by saying, "On your left" as you pass.
  • As mentioned previously the park is not closed so there may be others on the trails.  Bikers should yield to walkers and runners.  However if you happen to meet up with horses they always have the right of way. Horses will spook if not yielded to, and that can be dangerous for the horse, the rider and you.  Please stop and make sure the rider and the horse know you are there.  Once the rider knows you are there, he/she should let you know when it is safe to pass.

       Race Rules / Trail Running Etiquette

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